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It’s not all about the money. Al-Khair Foundation (AKF) has got to where it is today thanks to the time, effort and skills that our volunteers have donated. If you’re looking to support a good cause in the UK Muslim charity scene, but aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with us now.

Volunteer, fundraise, or set an appeal in motion online. There are many ways you can help. Here are some of them…

Volunteer with us

Together we can make a difference, join TeamAKF and be the one to spread awareness, raise funds and support daily operations to increase the reach of Al-Khair Foundation work to change lives of the most deprived people across the world today.

Organise a Charity Event

If you’re a social butterfly and a whizz at organising events, why not do one for a good cause? It can be as simple as an office bake-sale; or as grand as a gala dinner with vintage clothing fashion show galore. Your imagination’s the limit.

Take up a Charity Challenge

If you’re the adventurous type then any excuse is a good one to trek up a mountain or run a marathon. And what better excuse than supporting poor widows in Pakistan or building a well in Kenya? The British isles boast some of the most majestic peaks to climb, and they’re as good place to start as any.

Shake Up Social Media

Are you insta-famous or huge on Facebook? Have you got a big following on Tumblr or Twitter? Use the power of social media to raise awareness of global poverty, a current disaster, or Gaza’s ongoing crisis. Write a blog, do a vlog or create a twitter trend. Get people talking about the things that matter. And don’t forget to #hashtag, @ or link us.


Al-Khair Foundation (AKF) is often recruiting. We need bright, passionate people with relevant experience, who want to create positive change. Please see below for our latest vacancies.

Volunteer With us


ESOL4Women Befriending Project


Al-Khair Foundation is a UK – based international relief and development organisation that has developed rapidly since its establishment in 2003. Our focus is to help and empower disadvantaged communities in the UK and around the world. Some of the key areas we work in are Emergency Response, Water, Education, Healthcare and Livelihood.

The Role

Our befrienders will play a crucial role as part o four brand new ESOL & Employ ability project. This role will be suitable for women aged 18+ with a proven interest in teaching English basic life skills to new learners and empowering the most vulnerable people in society. As a befriended, you will be matched with a client who has just completed an 8-week per-entry level English class. Every week, you will meet with them for 1-2 hours at various Central London locations in order to help them put what they have learnt into practice. The aim of the project is to increase their confidence to be able to better involve themselves in their communities. The programme will last for 6 weeks. Main Responsibilities:

Help the client to:

  • Solidify subject material covered during their ESOL classes
  • Address any difficulties or gaps in understanding
  • Boost their confidence in engaging with the public
  • Prepare for their exam
  • Reduce their social isolation
  • Any other duties commensurate with the accountability of the post.

Key Qualifications & Skills

  • Essential: Previous befriending experience Fluent in English
  • Desirable: Proven interest in teaching ESOL and basic life skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with attention to detail
  • Good interpersonal skills with an approachable personality
  • Patient
  • Strong organisational and diplomacy skills
  • Ability to effectively work within a team environment and on own initiative
  • Demonstrate interest in poverty alleviation and community support within the UK
Successful candidates will be provided with a DBS check. Befriender travel expenses will be reimbursed. Please forward your CV & cover letter to: [email protected]

Our Volunteers

Aylish Daly, 24

At the age of 5 my family relocated to Doha, Qatar for two years. At a young age I was able to experience a completely new culture and lifestyle. I was lucky to have a childhood which enabled me to learn about different beliefs and customs and immerse myself into a different way of life.....

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Sumaiya Choudhury, 24

My name is Sumaiya Choudhury and I am 24 years old. I am currently interning with Al Khair Foundation PR and communications team. With my degree in English Language and Literature, this is an amazing opportunity to enhance my current skills and experience and to learn new ones. My journey first began when I showed....

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Riccardo Bassetti, 27

My name is Riccardo Bassetti and I am currently interning at Al-Khair Foundation’s International Department based in London. Originally from Rome, Italy, I have been globetrotting since I was a child. This not only allowed me to visit many different places as well as gain firsthand experience of many cultures, but it eventually conferred me an international profile.....

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