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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

The Prophet saw said “the likeness of the believers in their mutual love, mercy and affection is like that of a body. When one limb of it complains, the rest of the body reacts with sleeplessness and fever” (Bukhari and Muslim)

“Whenever a disaster strikes we always aim to be on the ground within 24 hours.” Imam Qasim

A humanitarian emergency is an urgent situation in which there is clear evidence that an event or series of events has occurred which is either causing human suffering or imminently threatening lives and livelihoods. With the world constantly changing around us, both natural as well as political crises seem to be occurring more and more frequently. It is also the case that developing nations tend to suffer disproportionately from such events, due to a variety of factors such as poor infrastructure or leadership.

Al-Khair Foundation understands this reality and is therefore quick to deploy expert teams which deliver food, water, shelter, clothing and medical aid in the immediate aftermath of a crisis - wherever and whatever it may be. In 2018 we responded to a severe drought in Somaliland by providing the people of Gunburaha and Salahlay with fresh water and food packs, ultimately benefitting 11,700 individuals. We also received commendation from the Pakistan government for our flood relief efforts back in 2015.

Gaza – To help them is our duty

Myanmar – Rohingya: The Forgotten People.

The UN has described atrocities against the Rohingya as ‘textbook ethnic cleansing’. At least 606,000 people have fled Myanmar in search of refuge over the last two years – with over half of the refugees caught up in the crisis said to be children. With homes destroyed and educational access limited, trauma is widespread and whole childhoods have been stolen away from thousands of innocents. Al-Khair Foundation have been working tirelessly to meet the needs of both Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and the besieged populations within Myanmar’s Rakhine State – providing food, water, shelter, health and education programmes to the affected.

Since early 2017, we have provided over 400 families with food, 12,000 people with water, fed 15,000 individuals with cooked meals and provided food packs and household essentials to over 18,000 people. Help us to ensure that one of the world’s most overlooked minorities get the vital life-saving support they need.

Syria – 10 years on and still they suffer.

Over 13.1 million people in Syria are in desperate need, with 5.6 million having fled the country to bordering nations in search of safety. The humanitarian situation on the ground is unsustainable. The health system is in collapse, with over half (55%) of the infrastructure (hospitals, clinics) either destroyed, closed or only partially functional – a situation further complicated by shortages of medicine and health workers in the remaining facilities. Syria’s next generation face a dire situation: With a majority of children up to 6 years behind on their education, and 1.75 million out of school entirely.

Al-Khair Foundation is working tirelessly to ensure the people of Syria get the vital support they need – we’ve provided food packs to starving Syrian IDPs and working on the Turkey Syria border to help those that have fled from the war.

All our humanitarian efforts only become possible when you generously give Zakat, Sadaqah, and Lillah donations, especially during the holy the month of Ramadan.

We ensure that food, shelter, sanitation and medical care can be given to people who have lost everything without delay.

Emergency Response