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Education Programme

Over 15,000 people, including adults and children, are educated through Al-Khair Foundation’s projects worldwide.

Al-Khair Foundation has been committed to increasing literacy, especially amongst the most disadvantaged. We do so by building schools and providing vocational training in many locations around the world, including the UK, Somaliland, Pakistan, Gaza and Bangladesh. We have eight schools in our portfolio – three in the United Kingdom, one in Somaliland and four in Pakistan – from which we educate over 6,000 children. We provide over 3,000 Palestinian children in Gaza with education, and this work has been supported by the UNRWA. Please help us to give more people the gift of an education and the promise of a better quality of life.
Education Programme +

Education Programme

Give the gift of education to children in the world’s poorest countries, by supporting our primary and secondary schools education programmes. Help children to dream of a better future. Read More Donation
UK Education +

UK Education

Since our inception, Al-Khair Foundation has been working to give back to the UK Muslim community by raising literacy. We established our first school in Croydon in 2003. Since then, we’ve come to operate three schools in the UK, which continue to achieve high Ofsted accreditation. AL-KHAIR SCHOOL


In a bid to create relevant media and entertainment for the UK’s growing Muslim community, AKF runs IQRA TV and IQRA Bangla, which have been come to be known as two of the UK’s premier Muslim television broadcasters. IQRATV