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Hunger has been dubbed “The World’s Greatest Solvable Problem”, for it requires no research or scientific breakthroughs. Although we live in a world of plenty, too many men and women around the world struggle to put food on the table every day for their children. One in nine people still go to bed on an empty stomach every night and even more - one in three - suffer from some form of malnutrition.

At Al-Khair Foundation, we distribute nutritious food packs in the event of an emergency, and also provide communities with the tools they need to feed themselves year after year. For instance, in Somaliland we partnered with Global One and Aqua Gardens of Africa to train 80 farmers in Islamic Farming. This equipped them with life-long skills to ensure they never experience hunger again.

What’s in the Food pack?

Each Ramadan food pack includes a range of essential staple items (contents may differ slightly from country to country) and is designed to meet a family of six nutritional needs for the entire month. Our teams across the world carry out distributions to the most vulnerable who struggle on a daily basis for food security.

Food parcels will generally consist of rice, sugar, flour, oil, salt and Lentils etc. (Various items will vary in different countries)

Iftar meals will generally consist of bread, rice, chicken, meat and vegetables. (Various items will vary in different countries)


Religious Dues

Al-Khair Foundation's commitment to Islamic values underpins everything that we do. We enable Muslims within the UK and around the world to pay Zakat, give charity during Ramadan and perform Qurbani. We also encourage the giving of saddaqah and lillah, the payment of fidyah and kaffarah when applicable, and the performance of aqeeqah when a child is born.