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UK Programmes


Al-Khair Foundation offers UK based employability skills training, domestic violence support and healthcare support.

We believe in the importance of helping those in need at home as well as abroad. We work with society’s most vulnerable to provide support, awareness and – above all – the opportunity to live a full and independent life.

Employability and Skills

Al-Khair Foundation (AKF) focuses on the most vulnerable sections in the society so that they can gain control of their lives. We provide them with a means of developing their skills which can help them increase their chances of employability.
Low English language proficiency can be an obstacle in securing employment and engaging fully in the local community. We have provided ESOL classes for women in the areas of Brent and Croydon and are currently delivering these services in Tower Hamlets. This helps provide a simple yet practical gateway to integrate participants into the society. In 2016, AKF launched an employability skills’ training course in East London with Jobcentre Plus clients. Those interested are referred to our ESOL classes and are assisted with CV writing and interviewing skills to enable them to get jobs.
For many, integrating into the wider society might still be a challenge even after the English courses have ended – causing isolation and loneliness. In order to ensure that this does not happen, participants are given the opportunity to be paired up with one of our volunteers who is tasked to accompany them on several activities. These sometimes include trips around London but can also be practices that are part of a person’s daily routine – such as, trips to the grocers or even the GP. This segment of the course solidifies everything the participants have learnt on their courses – thereby, providing vital support in inculcating confidence among them.