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Fidya / Fitrana


Eid Gift Packs

Each gift pack may contain items depending on local needs and tradition-Ladies suit (Shalwar Kameez)/ Sharee/Lungi, Kids suit , Ladies Shoes, Kids Shoes, Tasbeeh, Kids Toys, vermicelles, sweet for children, Beauty soap, school bag/note book). The contents may vary from country to country

Kaffarah (Per person)

Kaffarah (Per person)

Kaffarah is paid by those who deliberately miss or break a fast in the month of Ramadan without a valid reason.To atone for the missed/broken fast, provide 60 poor people with two meals a day)


Fidya (per person)

Fidya is for those who cannot fast due to ill health or old age and cannot make up the fast afterwards, they are required to feed a poor person for one day, this payment is called Fidyah

General Donation

General Donation



Compulsory on behalf of each family member including babies.



Fidyah is only paid by one who cannot fast in Ramadhan, cannot make up for the missed fast/s at any other time after Ramadhan and is not expected to ever regain the ability to make up for the missed fast/s in their life.

All three conditions must be fulfilled. Otherwise, one does not pay Fidya but has to qadha of the missed fast/s.


Kaffara for a fast that was deliberately broken in the month of Ramadhan (by eating, drinking or having sexual intercourse) is that one must fast for two lunar months / 60 days consecutively, along with the qadha of the fast/s one had broken.

If one cannot fast and is not expected to ever regain the ability to keep the above-mentioned fasts in their life, then they must pay Kaffarah (and Fidyah/s for the broken fast/s).