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Vulnerable People


Al-Khair Foundation works in line with the Islamic ethos of caring for society’s most vulnerable and marginalised.

Our Vulnerable People programme provides aid to the vulnerable who face hunger, poverty, and lack community support. From providing the homeless of Britain with warm food and winter garments, to delivering food aid to the starving people of Madaya, we at Al-Khair Foundation are committed to aiding vulnerable communities. We also run global sponsorship programs for orphans, widows and orphanages, as well as providing temporary shelter, and secure permanent accommodation for vulnerable women and children. Al-Khair Foundation is also keen to support local community organisations that are making a difference in UK and overseas through partnerships and financial support. With your support, we can continue to fulfil the needs of the defenceless and vulnerable, and support local and wider communities worldwide.
Orphan Child Sponsorship +

Orphan Child Sponsorship

Provide orphan children with daily essentials of food and clothing, a basic education, healthcare and other supplies.
  • £50 per month
  • based on a 12 month commitment
  • or £600 per year
Orphan Hifz-e-Quran +

Orphan Hifz-e-Quran

Educate orphans in the national curriculum, Islamic classes and Quran memorisation..
  • £50 per month
  • based on a 3 year commitment
  • or £600 per year
Widow Sponsorship +

Widow Sponsorship

Improve the situation of vulnerable widows by providing them with financial support, food, clothing and housing.
  • £33 per month
  • based on a 12 month commitment
  • or £400 per year
Orphanage Support +

Orphanage Support

Provide financial support to Al-Khair Foundation’s own orphanages in Pakistan. Donation

Past Appeals

The Rohingya people are a persecuted, Muslim ethnic group living in Myanmar (Burma). With an estimated population of 1,300,000, the Rohingya are denied citizenship, freedom to travel, and access to education by the state. They are also subjected to violence by Myanmar’s Buddhist majority. Al Khair Foundation provided direct aid to the Rohingya in Myanmar. Across Rakhine and Kachin State’s, we’ve supplied hundreds of families with food during Ramadan. We were able to reach over 3,100 people in the areas most affected by inter-communal violence.
The conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan, and abuses in Eritrea, have forced many to flee their lands and look for safety, security and a better future. From January-August 2015, more than 350,000 migrants were detected at the EU’s borders, compared with 280,000 for the whole of 2014. Al-Khair Foundation (AKF) worked with partner organisations across Europe to help distribute food and clothing for the refugees on the move.
Every year in this country, many people find themselves homeless or living in the abandoned buildings of our towns and cities. This existence is extremely difficult and dangerous, and even more so during the winter months. Al-Khair Foundation’s ‘Let’s Warm Britain’ Winter campaign collected funds that go directly towards the distribution of sleeping bags, hats, scarves, gloves, socks and hot meals for the local homeless people across Britain.
40,000 people were on the brink of starvation in Madaya, Syria since the 6-month siege in July 2015 that has left residents severely malnourished and resorting to eating grass and leaves. Al-Khair Foundation had partnered with White Hands to deliver food parcels to over 20,000 families in five different regions of Madaya with approximately 100,000 beneficiaries receiving aid. The food parcels consisted of rice, flour, grains, chickpeas, vermicelli, pasta, meat, oil, sugar, tea, beans and hummus. In addition to providing aid to people within Syria, Al-Khair Foundation has worked tirelessly to distribute food and clothing to refugees fleeing the country.