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Winter Appeal

Winter Appeal


Cooked meals

1 meal a day for 30 days and donate £120( £4 per meal)

Winter Appeal

Children in need

Winter Warmer PAck

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Winter Appeal



Winter Food Pack


Winter Pack


Al-Khair Foundation merits commendation for its proactive engagement in mitigating the distinct challenges confronting disadvantaged communities during the winter season. The heightened cold temperatures during this period accentuate vulnerabilities in food security, shelter, water access, and health, necessitating strategic interventions. Al-Khair Foundation has undertaken the commendable initiative of delivering critical support, encompassing hot meals, thermal clothing, socks, blankets, sanitation provisions, shelter, and potable water to both the homeless demographic within the UK and individuals residing in precarious circumstances globally.

This philanthropic organization's commitment to providing assistance on both the domestic and international fronts underscores a comprehensive humanitarian approach. Within the UK, targeted attention to the needs of the homeless population during winter is imperative for their sustenance and overall well-being. Concurrently, the extension of support to disenfranchised communities on a global scale demonstrates a steadfast dedication to overarching humanitarian objectives.

The deployment of emergency relief response teams with a specific emphasis on the winter months is strategically astute. These teams exhibit adaptability in tailoring interventions to address the nuanced challenges presented by inclement weather conditions, ensuring the expeditious delivery of aid to the afflicted. Al-Khair Foundation's endeavors extend beyond immediate relief, contributing substantively to the enduring resilience of communities grappling with winter-related adversities.

Through sustained and judicious initiatives, the foundation assumes a pivotal role in effecting positive change on a macroscopic scale. The amalgamation of localized and international endeavors underscores its unwavering commitment to fostering enduring positive transformations for communities confronted with winter-related tribulations.