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Afghanistan Earthquake Appeal

Afghanistan Earthquake Appeal


Food Pack

Food pack (supplementry pack) to support a family size of 5-6 with two meals/ person for a month


Hygiene Pack

Personal hygiene items, soap, shampoo, washing powder, comb, small mirror, nails cutter/ scissors etc

Medical Van 2

Medical Support

Essential medicines, pain killers, malaria tablets, antibiotics, bandaids etc/ bandages, detol etc

Shelter Programme

Shelter/Tents ( for 5 – 8 members of a family)

Heavy Duty/ water proof family size tent/ with bamboo sticks/ wooden pegs for a family of 5-6 persons

Cooking Kit

Cooking Kit

Cook kit to include, cooking pots (1 large, 1 medium, 1 small and other utencils, plastic bowls etc)


Water Containers

Water containers (20 lts x 2 + 1 10lts), plastic buckets/ mugs etc

 Solar Water Well

 Solar Water Well

Project 313

Project 313

Afghanistan Appeal
Afghanistan Appeal
Afghanistan Appeal
Afghanistan Appeal
Afghanistan Appeal

Lets Re-Build Afghanistan.

A powerful magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck Afghanistan's Herat province, resulting in a death toll exceeding 2,000 people. This earthquake ranks as one of the deadliest in the country in the past two decades.

Rescue operations are ongoing to save individuals trapped under the rubble, with concerns that the casualty count may rise further. Urgent assistance is needed in the affected areas, including tents, medical supplies, and food items.

The earthquake caused extensive damage, destroying thousands of homes and impacting several villages. The epicenter was located 40 kilometers northwest of Herat city, and strong aftershocks were felt in neighboring provinces.

Trained search and rescue teams with modern equipment are required to help those still trapped. The Alkhair Foundation is on the ground to provide aid and support to those in need. Humanitarian organizations and the international community are urged to support the affected regions during this crisis.

Al-Khair Foundation is a trusted humanitarian agency in Afghanistan. Our years of unwavering support for humanitarian cause across the world and the fact that we are led by Imam Qasim and our decision making and delivery are influenced by the Ulema means that we have a level of access to the country that is unmatched by any other NGO.

For years the Afghan people have suffered war and occupation. The economy no longer exists, healthcare systems have collapsed there is widespread lack of education and hunger.

Healthcare Facilities – Heal a nation

3) – We are currently carrying out research on the best way to respond to the development of a healthcare system for the country. Whilst the authorities try to come to terms with forming a government, we are working with the authorities, local agencies and the Afghan people to understand and create a roadmap for a comprehensive healthcare system in the country. Further details and packages will be released soon.


  1. Food packs: £50
  2. Medical Support: £100
  3. Shelter/Tents ( for 5 – 8 members of a family): £350
  4. Cooking Kit: £30
  5. Water Containers: £40
  6. Solar Water Well: £1000
  7. Project 313: £313
  8. Healthcare facility
  9. Hygiene Kit £25
  10. Shelter £150