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Afghanistan And Bangladesh Emergencies

Both Afghanistan & Bangladesh are undergoing tremendous difficulties in recent days. This is an EMERGENCY APPEAL and we need you to respond quickly so that we can help save lives and bring ease to many desperate and needy people in these countries.


Afghanistan has experienced the worst earthquake in 20 years and left over 1000 people killed, many more injured and homeless. We have deployed teams on the ground to help deliver aid in the hardest hit regions.

The people of Afghanistan were already suffering. With over 27 million people in need of aid, the earthquake and its impact on some of the poorest people on the planet has meant that things have just got worse.

The mountainous regions are difficult to reach and the majority of victims lived in mud huts in remote villages. They have lost family members and now do not have homes to live in and no food to eat.

Everywhere people are mourning the loss of their loved ones

You can help them in their time of need – please, we need to help as many people as possible.

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In Bangladesh heavy rains have caused flooding affecting over 4 million people and leaving countless people stranded. Forecasters say the flooding will get worse over the next few days. We are delivering emergency food and hygiene kits to families affected by this tragedy.

We have all seen the harrowing pictures of an entire region being flooded and the impact this has had upon the residents of Sylhet. The floods did not discriminate between rich and poor and the whole region is suffering.

The difference is that the poor do not know how they will recover – in fact they do not know where they will get there next meal and where they will sleep. You have the opportunity to help them in their time of need.

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