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Water for All

Al-Khair Foundation has launched a major campaign to bring help and hope to the 844 million people in the world who exist without clean water.

Our on-going “Water For All” programme is already saving lives and building stronger communities in some of the harshest and poorest environments around the world.

But there are still millions of people suffering, left behind  among populations living in remote locations, in urban slums fighting cholera alongside legal battles over land, displaced by conflict and drought, or simply unable to reach what is available to everyone else.

At Al-Khair Foundation we passionately believe that every single thing we do each day has a massive impact on the world. To bring attention to the 844 million people in the world living without clean water close to home, we have launched a water focused UK-wide fundraising campaign.

Al-Khair wants to boost fund-raising efforts so that vulnerable communities can get a regular supply of clean water and combat diseases and poor harvests.

Our team on the ground are digging wells and installing clean water systems every day but more support is desperately needed to provide a natural resource most of the world takes for granted.

Research has revealed that a newborn newborn dies every minute from infection caused by lack of safe water and an unclean environment while 31% of schools don’t have clean water.

“These are tragedies on an unprecedented scale and we are committed to helping get water to the people who need it most,” said Imam Qasim, Al-Khair Chairman and Founder, who has just returned from a charitable mission across Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

“The need for humanitarian support is immense and challenging but Al-Khair’s work on the ground has shown that funds donated by the public have a direct influence on the health and happiness of people who have so little.

“With your help, the “Water For All” campaign can continue reaching those most in need.”

Villages in hard to reach areas across the world desperately need hand-pumps, water wells, filtration plants and dams and donations for even small pieces of kit make a huge difference.

Here is how you can help:

Help supply a Water Pump in Pakistan for £150

Facilitate the build of a Water Well in Pakistan for £850

Support the build of a Water Filtration Plant in Pakistan for £900

Provide funds to help build a Dam in Somaliland for £375

Al-Khair has also launched an emergency appeal to bring aid to Kerala, the Indian region devastated by floods that have left 400 dead and up to one million displaced.

It has delivered 2,400 relief kits to those worst affected and staff are building houses for vulnerable families and helping the continuing rescue mission.

Please donate now to help save lives – Call us on 03000 999 786 or tune into our live appeals on IQRA TV  to learn more about our appeal.