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Over 13.1 million people in Syria are in desperate need, with 5.6 million having fled the country to bordering nations in search of safety. The humanitarian situation on the ground is unsustainable. The health system is in collapse, with over half (55%) of the infrastructure (hospitals, clinics) either destroyed, closed or only partially functional – a situation further complicated by shortages of medicine and health workers in the remaining facilities. Syria’s next generation face a dire situation: With a majority of children up to 6 years behind on their education, and 1.75 million out of school entirely.

Al-Khair Foundation is working tirelessly to ensure the people of Syria get the vital support they need – we’ve provided food packs to starving Syrian IDPs and refugees (including feeding those trapped in the heart of Madaya), distributed Qurbani meat in the lead up to Eid ul-Fitr, provided medical care (including paediatric clinics, maternity support and emergency care) through our Bab al-Hawa Hospital, supported four schools with over 350 students in besieged Ghouta and helped better the lives of devastated Syrian Orphans. Your support enables us to continue this work – helps ensure the children of Syria can hope to dream of a better future.