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East Africa

East Africa, struck by a calamitous drought and subsequent famine, at a scale never before witnessed in our lifetime, 16 million people across East Africa are in need of immediate humanitarian aid, their lives depend on it. Somaliland has felt the brunt of this drought, with almost 60% of the population lacking access to safe water, cases of malnutrition are rising, leaving hundreds of thousands forced to displace, and seeking refuge due to water scarcity. Families unable to flee isolation suffer unimaginable difficulties, the children, elderly and the sick are immediately at risk of death, for the rest of the family these is little hope for survival. Al-Khair Foundation is delivering safe, clean water to displaced and disadvantaged communities in multiple IDP camps, a hospital, medical facilities and a care centre for children with special needs, via tanker truck distributions. Almost 4,000 families and 20,000 people benefit from this service, every single day. Each tanker truck carries approximately 50 barrels worth of water a day, a single delivery costs £100, which equates to £2 a barrel for clean and safe water, saving vulnerable lives in some of the most arid and isolated desert plains in East Africa. More tankers are required to expand the reach of our efforts in serving those still stranded and helpless throughout the region. £25,000 is the cost of purchasing each new truck, constructed to restlessly drive through the dry and parched terrain, these essential vehicles are capable of delivering up to half a million barrels a year to some of the neediest and most deserving people in the region. Share the blessings and donate towards a share in a Tanker truck for £500.