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Our Mission

At Al-Khair Foundation, our supporters are integral to our success. Your ongoing generosity enables us to directly aid thousands of people around the world, every single day.

We want to thank you for putting your faith in us, and assure you that this is what you can expect as an Al-Khair supporter:
• We spend your donation how we say we will

For every £1 you give:
- X will go directly into the charitable project you choose. Alternatively, you can let us decide where your money will make the most impact at the time of donation.
- Y will ensure that Al-Khair Foundation is running efficiently and sustainably. This includes fundraising, publicity, events, administration and governance activities.

We are open, honest and clear

- We are clear about who we are and what we do
- We accurately share the stories and experiences of the people we aid, and are honest about the challenges we face as well
- We provide information about our finances and charitable expenditure so that you can see the difference we’re making together
- We welcome any and all questions relating to our activities, and will always respond with clarity and professionalism

We are accountable and committed to high standards

- We are registered with the Fundraising Regulator and therefore comply with its Code of Fundraising Practice
- We monitor all fundraisers, volunteers and third parties working with us to ensure they also comply with the Code of Fundraising Practice
- We comply with the law including those that apply to data protection, health and safety and the environment

We are respectful

- We keep your personal information safe, and will never sell or share them to third party organisations
- We respect your communication preferences and keep our records up to date
- We value your skills and voice, and offer opportunities to use your time to support us in a variety of ways
- We have a complaints procedure, a copy of which is available upon request