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Sponsor AKF's Landmark Gaza Hospital

With restrictions on their free movement, an ongoing blockade and dilapidated infrastructure, Gazans are vulnerable. 80% of the population in Gaza are dependent on humanitarian assistance to make their daily ends meet. 1.8 million people live in a constant state of hardship.

90% of the water in Gaza is deemed unfit for human consumption, whilst rising poverty rates mean people do not meet their daily nutrition requirements – leading to a rise in treatable health issues. Current healthcare facilities are over-stretched and lack sufficient capacity to train and develop Gaza's future doctors, nurses and medical professionals. Al-Khair Foundation are nearing completion of our landmark hospital project in Gaza, located between Khan Younis and Rafah – the first of its kind in the region. The five story Al-Khair General Hospital stands to be one of the fastest construction projects in the history of Gaza, providing professional healthcare provisions to around 620,000 people in the region. The hospital will also provide specialized maternal healthcare facilities, with a capacity to treat over 120 women and children a day – in addition to an 100-person daily outpatient clinic. Leave a lasting impact for thousands of Palestinians, throughout the generations – Help sponsor the construction of this landmark project.

How You Can Help

Sponsorships Price
Sponsor 1 Metre £ 247
Sponsor 5 Metres £ 1,235
Sponsor 10 Metres £ 2,475
Sponsor Whole Room £ 4,750