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Ramadan 2022

Ramadan 2022

Bless and Be Blessed

Glory be to Allah swt, the most merciful, the most kind.

The month of Ramadhan is amongst us and we must use this opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our creator. We must ensure that we use this time well and worship the Almighty and repair our broken souls, so that we can live righteous lives and be successful both in the world and the hereafter.

Our lives and everything in them are a trust and we will have to answer on how we used them and what we did with them. Amongst them, is the wealth that we have been given. Did we just eat, sleep, drink and enjoy or did we recognise that this wealth was also given to us as a trust by the Almighty and that we will have to answer for it?

We want all our supporters and well-wishers to be successful and gain the pleasure of Allah swt. In a world where we witness so much pain and injustice we want to be a force for good, a force for humanity and justice. This Ramadhan we want you to bless others by spending your wealth for the pleasure of the Almighty. In return you will be blessed both in this world and the next insha'Allah.

The Ummah is suffering and there is hunger and desperation everywhere. None of us can say that we did not know, that we did not see or hear the cries of our brothers and sisters. Act NOW.

“And spend of that which we have provided you before death comes to one of you, and he says: “Lord would You not respite me for a short time, so that I would spend in charity and become of the righteous” (v10 surah Al-Munafiqun)