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Pakistan Flood Appeal


Hygiene Pack

Personal hygiene items, soap, shampoo, washing powder, comb, small mirror, nails cutter/ scissors etc

Ramadan Food Pack 2018 (Afghanistan) (8)

Food Pack

Food pack (supplementry pack) to support a family size of 5-6 with two meals/ person for a month

Medical Van 2

Medical Support

Essential medicines, pain killers, malaria tablets, antibiotics, bandaids etc/ bandages, detol etc

Shelter Programme

Shelter/Tents ( for 5 – 8 members of a family)

Heavy Duty/ water proof family size tent/ with bamboo sticks/ wooden pegs for a family of 5-6 persons

Cooking Kit

Cooking Kit

Cook kit to include, cooking pots (1 large, 1 medium, 1 small and other utencils, plastic bowls etc)


Water Containers

Water containers (20 lts x 2 + 1 10lts), plastic buckets/ mugs etc

Project 313

Project 313