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Ben Nevis Winter Challenge

Ben Nevis Winter Challenge

Al-Khair Foundation Winter Ben Nevis Weekend Challenge 2022

New Winter Season
Winter is a uniquely challenging time of year for the world’s disadvantaged communities. Threats to food security, shelter, water supplies and health risks all become more acute as the cold of winter sets in. In order to help vulnerable communities at UK and abroad during winter, Al-Khair Foundation provides hot food, warm clothes, socks and blankets, sanitation products, shelter and clean water to the homeless of Great Britain and those living in desperate situations all across the world.

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Join us to Summit THE BEN NEVIS in winter and help fundraise essential funds to support AL-KHAIR FOUNDATION WINTER APPEAL and be a source of warmth and comfort to those struggling to weather the winters across the world.

An incredible challenge to summit the UK’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis (1344m), in winter! Learn key winter skills, including the use of crampons and ice axes, and then put them to good use to reach the summit where you can enjoy the spectacular views of the Scottish highlands covered in snow.

  • Summit Ben Nevis (1344m), the UK’s highest mountain, in winter!
  • Learn key winter walking skills including the use of crampons & ice axes
  • Two nights’ accommodation in beautiful Glen Nevis
  • Incredible winter challenge
  • View the Scottish Highlands covered in snow!

Challenge yourself to reach the summit of the UK’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis, in winter! This incredible winter challenge is set over an entire weekend. On the first day of the challenge you will be taught all the skills you will need in order to complete the challenge. From kicking steps in the snow, to using crampons and ice axes, our instructors will help you develop key skills for tackling the hills in winter. And there is no need to worry about buying expensive kit as it is all included in the cost of the challenge.
After learning these skills you will then attempt to reach the summit of the UK’s highest mountain.